Right Away-

Taking Care of Ourselves&Children, Moving Life & Feelings Back in Balance
Restore emotional well being and a sense of control:

• Recognize that this is a difficult time but one that you can work to manage. You've tackled hardships at other times in your life--remember the skills you used to get through past difficulties
 • Allow grief & mourning--try to be patient with changes in your feelings (feelings of unreality,numbness,big mood swings)

 • It is OK to ask for support from people who care about you,will listen & understand. If those people are also highly stressed by the disaster, then try other people (do not worry about seeming weak to strangers,they want to help).

 • Don't make big life decisions (changing jobs, where you live, etc.)

 •START making small decisions (like about who to call or what to do short-term) will help you feel in charge and get recovery started

 • KEEP HEALTHY BEHAVIORS: remember to eat [well-balanced meals] and get plenty of rest. If you have sleep problems, consider trying relaxation techniques. AVOID ALCOHOL AND NON-PRESCRIPTION DRUGS

 • GO BACK TO OR START ROUTINES: eating meals at regular times,exercise. Stop and take a little break to do: music,reading,a hobby, or something small and enjoyable.
Right Away-Moving Life&Feelings Back in Balance

 • Express thoughts/feelings about what happened in whatever ways feel comfortable:by talking with family/close friends,or keeping a diary

 • Find local support groups that start later-especially if your support system is small,or made smaller/harder to access because of the disaster-it helps to know other people in the situation have similar reactions and emotions.
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